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Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Fri 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sat 9:00am - 4:00pm
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Dealership hours of operation
Mon - Fri 9:00am - 6:00pm
Sat 9:00am - 4:00pm
Sun closed
5624 Hwy #6 North, Guelph, ON, N1H6J2

Look back on the construction of our new shop

We are excited to announce that construction of our new shop is all done!
Scroll through the pictures and links to see how the
construction of our shop progressed...

New Shop Update: After 6 1/2 weeks of being open at our new shop, we now have a paved parking lot. While this may be sad news to our dual-sport customers, we know many of our streetbike customers will be relieved! Some of the paving action shots can be seen here and here.

After 30 weeks, the construction crew has officially packed up their things and we are going full braaaap on moving, organizing and set-up! Browse through the pics for all that's new this week, and then come see us once we open back up again on Wednesday!

New Shop Update; Week 29: There has been an incredible amount of track lighting installed in the showroom this week, as well as faux-stone accents that add warmth and texture. The Service counter and Parts shelves are mostly installed and are soon going to look a lot less empty.

The big story in regard to the progress of our new shop this week is definitely the signs! It's like getting your number and sponsor badges on your race jersey / leathers. Other developments were happening though, including the grading of the parking lot despite the frost not retreating as quickly as we would like.

New Shop Update; Week 27: Our front entrance is now 100% plywood-free and sidewalks run the length of the front of the building. The customer lounge has a sink, cupboards, and counter with an RO drinking fountain just outside of it. Our Parts counter area has lighting, a drop ceiling and some shelving. And our mezzanine has lighting above and below with the painting all but completed everywhere. 3 weeks until the move!

We now have 1 month remaining until we shift our efforts into moving from our current location to our new shop, and the construction is now all about the finishing touches: the Service offices are painted and waiting for a counter (the picture taken from what will be the customer Service entrance), racking and shelving going up in the Service shop, tile in the 3 washrooms, and the drop-ceiling hardware is everywhere!
New Shop Update: Week 25 saw the floors in the showroom polished, as well as drywall on the bulkhead below the mezzanine railing, and paint on the office walls. The front entrance now has doors (click here) and the Service shop has racing stripes (seen here)!

It has now been 6 months since the construction of our new shop began, and we are in the home stretch! Here you can see our Parts storage room, where the Parts Guys disappear to after you make your order at the counter. In the main showroom (which can be seen here), the railings are up in the mezz and the drywall is nearing completion.
New Shop Update - Week 23: Some of the windows in the front entrance were installed, adding even more natural light to the showroom; all the better the see the progress of the drywall installers (below). An elevated view in the Service Shop gives a better perspective of its layout.

For the 22nd week of construction of our new shop, we have more interior walls for offices and service bays, the stairs to the mezzanine are installed, the duct work is going up, and the painters have been busy brightening up the place.
New Shop Update - Week 21: The temperature wasn't much warmer than last week, but it was warm enough for the concrete trucks to deliver on Tuesday (see the floor being installed here)! Now, while the concrete finishes setting, office and washroom walls are going up quickly (as seen here) and the stairs to the second level have shown up.

The deep freeze during the 20th week of development put the brakes on any concrete pouring, but the electricians were still able to do much of the prep work inside and out for all the very cool, energy-efficient LED lighting it is going to take to illuminate this place. This includes hooking up the LED parking lot lamps that were installed a few weeks ago, one of which you can see close-up here, as well as in action on a cold, cold night:

It's the end of week 19 since we started construction of our new shop and the outer facade looks to be totally complete, minus front entrance, of course (see it here). Inside, we have steel on the upper walls and the floor is graded and ready for concrete to be poured.
For the 18th week of development, the insulation is almost all installed, the electrical work continues, the ceiling has been painted (as seen in this picture of the mezzanine) and we now have access to the roof where you can see the furnace and air conditioner systems are installed. Jens, our General Manager, is getting a good look at months of planning coming to fruition.

This week, the progress of our new shop included the addition of bay doors and preparation for windows in the Service Dept. Also, in the showroom areas (seen here), the lakes are drying into mere ponds, the ceiling has been completed with the addition of the furnace systems, and the floor of the mezzanine has been surfaced. Lots of progress, yet still so much to go!
New Shop Update - Week 16: That's what we're talkin' about! The red is up and it looks great! Speaking of radiant, the inside (seen here and here) is toasty warm and the result is a bit of a lake. This means that we can look forward to more progress on the inside - stay tuned!

Week 15 of the construction of our new shop had the temporary addition of plywood to the main entrance so we can start blasting heat to the building and thaw out the inside for further development. This pic of the showroom is a panoramic shot from the southwest corner and includes the temporary railing along the mezzanine.
Week 14: Insulation installation inside; more siding and blocks went up outside (which can be seen here), to the point that they are almost done with the neutral tones and we will surely see some colour very soon. Ron had a look around the site and got a firsthand view of the size of the second floor (you can see for yourself here), where we will house all of our used motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles.

More steel siding, some electrical work, insulation, and further progress on the roof were the highlights of the thirteenth week of development at our future location. Click here for a shot of the showroom as seen from the mezzanine, brightened even on a stormy day by all the nice, big windows!

The short holiday week didn't slow down the construction crew for week twelve! There was progress on the roof, more windows, more blocks, and the first sign of steel exterior (the white panel seen below). Last week we put up a banner on our storage building so those who don't visit this page or our social media pages can know what's going on
see banner here).

Week eleven involved a fair amount of underground work, with the burying of the water tanks and gas line work. Above ground, we now have windows and a lot of prep work done for the steel siding (see picture of outside here). For a change of view, we have included a shot of the inside from the front entrance with a pick-up truck to give an idea of scale (the panorama feature does exaggerate the size a bit, but not much!).

Not to diminish the hard work of the masons on the main building, but the real action of week ten was the installation of water storage tanks on the other side of the property. Holding 180 000 gallons, these tanks will give us (and our soon-to-be neighbours) peace-of-mind
in case of fire.

The masonry has seen the most development this week, with a full wall at the rear of the building (below) and the walls of the Service shop starting to take shape in the north corner (see shop pic here). End of week eight and we have a roof (among many other new developments)!

The progress of our new shop soldiered on through the taste of winter we had this week, with the addition of our second level (see pic here) and the further development of the block walls (currently under tarps to protect from the elements).
Here is a view from Hwy 6 North, showing the masonry & steel progress at the end of week 6.
Nothing like a steel framework to give you an idea of the scale of our new shop! In a couple of days it has really taken shape.
Week four saw finishing touches on the foundation and the grading of the property, inside and outside of the building. The first bit bit of 3D action comes from the building of an indoor vehicle lift elevator system.

The weather was much kinder for week 3 and the concrete was flowing like hot, melted butter!
Week 2 didn't have ideal construction weather, but the crew forged ahead anyway.
The end of week one: The ground has been broken, let the grading begin...

The before shot - a blank canvass...