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2014 Can-Am Maverick with accessories

We have had a customer go to town with the Can-Am Accessory catalogue for his 2014 Maverick! Check out all the fun additions...

The front bumper and full windshield might be for protection but they also add a more complete and menacing look to this monster side-by-side.

The Baja style rear tire holder and wheel jack mean that you won't be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat. The rock slider bar just below the driver's side door (the doors being accessories as well) keep the Maverick from getting damaged when teh path gets rocky!

The gear rail (with Can-Am logo attached to left side of the cage) keeps your tools and gear from being inadvertently left behind on the trail. The rear winch gives you the convenience of pull power from both ends.

The four point harness attaches to an accessory bar behind the seat and keeps you comfortable and safe, without getting in the way when you need to remove the seats. The rear wind screen reduces backdraft that is common with the full front windshield.

The most durable of all the available roofs, the Sport aluminum roof makes it obvious that this is a serious off-roader.

Never get left behind with the full size spare tire.

And the full stereo system lets you choose your own soundtrack to the extreme adventure that awaits!