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Our Staff Knows the Arai Difference
Two Wheel Motorsport is a major retailer of
Arai helmets, carrying units from
each of the following lines:
Corsair-V, XD4, RX-Q, Defiant, Signet-Q, Vector 2, Quantum II, Profile, Vector, XD, RX-7 Corsair, Signet GTR, Astral-X, Classic/M & SZ/M.

Our sales staff are trained to ensure that you get the Arai helmet that is right for you.

Availability is limited on certain lines, so call us for more information.  We discount all of our Arai helmets, but check our Specials page  regularly for further deals on these award-winning helmets.

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Two Wheel Motorsport, see our 
Parts Specials and Clearance Specials pages and call our Parts department.

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Add a pair of Draggin Jeans to your apparel collection. As comfortable as regular jeans with abrasion resistance 5X stronger than steel.

Prices start at $149.95 plus HST.
Call our Parts Department for more details.